Sex Stories: Real World San Diego - Part 1

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Please be noted, this sex story is a fiction, not intended to imply anything about the actual sexuality of any celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. This sex story does not reflect the actual sexuality of any of the Real World: San Diego cast members.

"Hi?" asked Andrea as she addressed the ringing phone. 

"Hello, infant, did I wake you?" came Brad's solid, masculine voice from the other end, alongside huge amounts of chuckles from the lovely Cameran next to him. 

"Better believe it," said Andrea sluggishly. 

"Apologies, angel," said Brad. "Alright, I got an inquiry, and I don't wanna pull it out. How big......." Cameran snickered. "How huge am I?" 

Andrea yawned. She was worn out, and the exact opposite thing she needed to be considering about was Brad's huge penis. 

"Infant?" asked Brad once more. 

"8 inches," Andrea yawned. She could hear Cameran screech with happiness from the beneficiary. 

"Wh-what kind?" asked Brad, sounding smashed. "What sort of 8 inches?" 

"Thick." said Andrea. 

"It's hard to believe, but it's true!" hollered Brad, hanging up the telephone. "A thick ass 8 inches!" Cameran choked and slithered far from Brad, who was gladly standing and getting his bundle through his jeans. She crept away towards the kitchen, where the other roomies were anticipating the news. As Cameran stood up in the kitchen, Brad strolled behind her and put his groin up against her rear end. She shrieked energetically and kept running behind Jamie, who was snickering alongside Randy, Frankie, what's more, Robin. Jacquese had gone to bed early. 

"So..." said Robin in her enough Southern intonation. "How huge?" 

"8 in-inches," stammered Cameran. "Immense." 

"Damn right!" yelled Brad. 

"Not that gigantic," jeered Randy, folding his arms and turning away. 

"Ooh," said Jamie. "I see we are very brave." 

"Are you greater than me, beautiful kid?" chuckled Brad. As Randy said nothing, 

Brad laughed. 

"Damn right, I'm greater," said Randy all of a sudden, turning towards Brad. 

"It would appear that you inspired something to demonstrate," said Brad indignantly. The two glared at each other. 

"Young men, young men," said Cameran, putting her hand on each person's chest. "We can settle this conclusively. Just..." she snickered, "Show us." 

"I let you know, I'm not going to whip it out," said Brad, murmuring. 

"Pussy," murmured Randy. 

"Fine!" shouted Brad. "I'll demonstrate my meat to show that I have the greatest penis in this house." 

"Alright, young men," said Frankie. "Strip down to your boxers." 

Both Randy and Brad unfastened their jeans and slid them off. Both had 

sizeable tents where their dicks were and the young ladies were at that point swooning. 

"Presently remove your shirts," said Robin. Randy expelled his tight shirt to uncover a soft, solid body. He had a characterized six-pack and protruding abs, yet not as much as Brad. His body was god-like and was canvassed in protruding muscles. 

"Alright," said Cameran. "Presently, on the number of three, remove your boxers. 


Brad and Randy both slid their boxers off and showed their immense masculinities. 

Brad had a gigantic dick. It was to a high degree thick and veiny and had a full dull head on the top. His substantial penis stood out from a thick fix of dark pubic hair, and hung down on two low hanging, droopy, hairy balls. It was to be sure 8 inches, and thick at that. 

Randy, then again, had a greater dick, shockingly. It shook hard. However, it hung with the big pink tip pointing down. It was the same thickness as Brad's huge penis. However, it hung down from scraggly dark colored pubic hair. His 9-incher sat on two full, cum-filled balls that were canvassed in dark colored hair. Inside and out, he had a greater dick than Brad. 

"DAMN!" All the young ladies shouted as they gazed at the dicks of both folks. 

"Both of you are tremendous!" 

"You know it," said Brad, winking, holding his floppy cock. 

"That is correct," concurred Randy, swinging his jackass dick around. 

"The following 5 months are going to be magnificent!" whispered Cameran, and the four young ladies fled, leaving Brad and Randy naked and holding their enormous dicks in the kitchen. Rapidly, they set back on their jeans and taken a gander at each other. Each saw the still-immense lump in alternate's jeans. Randy gazed toward Brad, whose eyes met Randy's wonderful face. They both grinned, what's more, strolled together to the person's bedroom. 

TO BE CONTINUED............ 
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