Real Pleasure of Sex With My Best Friend [Lesbian Sex Stories]

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Having a hot and sexy friend can give you extra sexual pleasure even after having good sex with boyfriend. Reading this lesbian sex story will lead you to a fantasy world where you will become exotic.

Hi, my name is Laura, and I'm 22 years old. I am a sexy girl with long hair and dark eyes. 

When I was 16, I discovered that I liked my friends. At first, it was a trauma to me, I did not know how to explain to my friends what I felt towards them. I liked it physically as any girl could like a guy. 

I'm going to tell you about my first sexual experience with another girl, specifically with my friend Lee. Maybe you address this story as Lesbian sex stories. Let's start.

Lee and I stayed on Friday night for a few beers, we were in the same old pub, at Atlantis.

Real Pleasure of Sex With My Best Friend [Lesbian Sex Stories]
We had a few beers already when this favorite song suddenly rang, at that moment we went to the track, and we started to dance like crazy. Suddenly we were all around other boys and girls in the pub, many were familiar faces to see them their other days. 

One of the girls from the horror took a step forward and began to dance with us as if there was no tomorrow. She was a striking blonde, with incredible tits and an amazing butt-ass, thanks to those jeans she wore. 

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I immediately understood that this girl was a lesbian, the minute she was dancing with us two she started rubbing with my friend Lee. At that moment I became very horny, and my imagination began to fly. I imagined my friend and that blonde in a bathtub full of water giving pleasure through oral sex, licking each other's pussies. Such was my excitement that I stopped dancing almost unconsciously, until another girl came from behind me, Caught me and encouraged me to continue dancing, at that moment I came down from the moon, and I reactivated that wild rhythm of the music. We were dancing for a while longer, and then we retired to the bar to have another beer. 

Lee and I had taken the shame out of our souls because of the beers we had drunk. We are going to take the last one, and we go home, I have to get up early tomorrow, those were the words of Lee while drinking half a pitcher of beer. I nodded my head. 

We talked for a while, and the subject of the blonde came out, I told her to go with the blonde, who had been rubbing on her, to which Leia replied: - I'll tell you a secret, the experience has enchanted me, I liked that girl was playing me while we danced. I should have put a great face on me, because of Lee's reaction. She moved to my lips and kissed me. 

At first, I didn't give much importance, I thought she was too drunk and that tomorrow she would not remember the kiss with the tongue she gave me. We finished the beers and went to the wardrobes for the coats. 

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We left the pub and took a taxi, the pub is about 10 minutes drive from our houses (we live relatively close to each other). During those 10 minutes, neither of them said a single word. Something strange was in the air that not even the taxi driver gave us a conversation. 

On leaving the taxi Lee proposed to sleep in her house, she did not like to be alone, and her sister had gone away weekend with her friends. I was drained, And I knew that if I went to his house, I would not rest the same, so I told him that I preferred to go mine. Lee insisted until she managed to get me a "voucher." 

Climbing the stairs I was already planning to have the last beer before bed, so I had not yet entered the door when Lee already had in his hand a couple of beers, some slices of lemon and some tequila. I feared the worst, we will not sleep at all, I told myself. 

We had two beers with tequila each, the thing began to point to the drunkenness of the morning I will be resacas a lost. I got up to the bathroom, sat in the toilet bowl and closed my eyes, I was dead tired and with an already significant drunkenness. I do not know the time that happened, but when I opened my eyes, I had Lee in front of me totally naked. 

My eyes could not open any longer, I was shocked, I was looking at the girl I liked totally naked. I took one hand, then the other, she spoke to me but I was not aware of anything, and it was not because I was drunk, but because I was completely focused on her body. She stepped forward, her pussy a few inches from my mouth. She had a rather hairy pussy, it was clear that she had not trimmed it in quite a while, she could not see her little face because of all that hairspray she had. 
I looked up, and I saw her boobs, not very big but with beautiful beaks nipples. I released her hands and began to touch her legs, were soft caresses that made her hold the pussy more to my mouth, I could feel her hair on my lips, I opened my mouth, I pulled out my tongue and started urging in her pussy to find her little slut. 

It was incredible, I was eating my friend Lee's pussy, I never would have imagined it, but it was happening. She lifted me from the toilet and took me to the bathtub, a huge round bathtub, where we would spend a pleasant time without a word. 

Now she was the one who was caressing me, I let myself go, started to masturbate with her fingers, was full of pleasure. The water was at a very pleasant temperature. I was not aware of when the water tub filled. But there I was, moaning with pleasure with the fingers of my friend Lee. 

She put me on all fours and started to lick my ass, my god, I had never licked my ass, for God's sake, what a pleasure, while I licked, again and again, I still masturbating with his fingers. She turned me around and said: I want you to shave my pussy, I want to have a pussy like yours, without hairs. I told him it's okay, we'd wax it Sunday afternoon, but today was not the time. She opened my legs again and continued to caress me until I fell asleep. 

I woke up about 12 noon, we were both naked in the bath, it had not been a dream, it had been true, we had sex with my friend Lee and me for the first time.
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