A Sensational Summer: The Most Erotic Lesbian Girls In The School

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Today I'm writing about me and my best friend sex experience, which actually was lesbian sex. It was a hot summer we had our best sex ever. Perhaps we were the most wanted girls in our school. Our figure was very attractive. My friend's boobs were delicious. School boys dreamed on her boobs and the used to play with their hands. 

Let's start today's erotic sex story:
My best friend all high school was Minerva, apparently a girl of my age, we spent hours and hours together, we did the chores, we tried our first cigar together, we talked about the boyfriends, anyway, everything you do at 18 years. When we finished high school, we were going to go to different universities. So, that summer was our last summer together. 

A Sensational Summer: The Most Erotic Lesbian Girls In The School
Minerva's parents were divorced, so it was common for the weekends to spend with their dad, a man of about 42 or 43 years, very attractive, and although I never told anyone, her father seemed gorgeous. Tall, very white, dark hair, very cultured, super intelligent, with a super deep voice that melted me. So when he invited me to go to her home in Valle with her dad, I did not hesitate to say yes. In those days the Lord was my platonic love, and I was like another daughter to him, well, the mere fact of listening to his conversation on the way from the DF to Valle was more than enough for me. 
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In short, we arrived in Valle as always on the night of Friday, we had dinner, and her father sent us to sleep. For a change, we stayed talking late, and as at 11 at night, her dad happened to knock on the door to scold us because we had not slept. We turned off the light and lit a candle and did not realize that we were still awake. About an hour passed and we thought a refreshment, we threw a flop, and I had to go to the kitchen. 

I left barefoot to make no noise, and as I passed the main hallway on the second floor, I saw that there was light in the studio window on the ground floor. It was light as television, so I imagined that the man was still awake. I looked from far, and good surprise that I took when I saw him almost naked, only with his shirt unbuttoned, without pants, and with that in his hand. I froze. Turn to watch television and of course, I was looking at porn. I was still frozen, seeing for the first time live and live a penis. 
Just being there watching it made me wet, I felt like a waterfall. It had never happened to me before. She had always been curious about such things, but she had never seen a naked man but a magazine. 

I returned as fast as I could to the room, without making a noise of course, and when entering the room, Minerva saw me agitated and said: "what happened to you, and the soft drinks?" I visibly altered (or excited, As you want to call him), I said: "I tell you, but promise me that you do not get angry." Minerva stood up from the bed and said, "I promise, what happened to you?" "I just saw your dad naked," I told him. 

Minerva gave a nervous laugh and asked me to explain what had happened, I said that he had caught her father touching a pornographic movie, but he had not noticed that I had seen it. I said "do I tell you the truth? I actually got wet when I saw everything." 
And contrary to what I expected, that was to get angry, continued with her nervous laugh and said: "I'm dying to see a pornographic film." I told her that I did too, and we agreed to "steal" one from her dad's study the next day to see her at night. 

And so we did, On Saturday morning, while her father was preparing breakfast, we sneaked into the studio and found the drawer with the movies. We picked one at random and threw it into the backpack. We spent all day sailing, and in the evening after dinner, we returned to the house. 
We said we were very sleepy, that we were drained and we went to the bedroom. We put on the nightgowns, and without knowing if to wait for the gentleman to sleep, we decided to put the film at a very low volume. 
We sat on the floor and began to see it. At first, we commented what we saw, but then we were silent, we were both excited and clavadísimas in the film. 

Suddenly Minerva told me "have not you ever touched?" And I did not know what to answer, caught me off guard and lied "no, never, and you?". The truth is that she had never been scratched by outside underwear, but she was much bolder, and she replied: "I do, it feels super delicious." --"really?". "Yes, if you want I'll teach you," I said OK, and she told me to take off my underpants and put on my nightgown. 
Half-nervous I did, asked me to open my legs and I also obeyed. I really was more than wet with everything I had seen in the movie, and I think it was like that from the day before I saw her dad naked. Then he put her hands on my little shell and began to massage. Wooooooow, it felt incredible, I had never felt that way, and I told you so. 

"Do you like it?" She asked me. I said yes, she felt very delicious, and she said "how about I do you and you to me?", I said OK, So she took off her nightgown and was completely naked, she did not bring shorts like me. He sat down next to me, opened her legs and started to play. Wow, I think she was wetter than me. "Is that okay?" I asked. 
And he said to me "less healthy, well, well, like in circles ... as I do .... yes .... there .... yes .... softly .... mmmm hh hh." Wow, I felt spasms everywhere, I had never felt anything like that in my life. This was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me. 

In that, in the film began one girl to do oral sex to the other. "Do you want me to do that to you and tell me what it feels like?" She asked. I said yes, and she jumped on the floor, and she began to lick me. I felt an electric shock all over my body ... "Ahhhhhhhhh" I just managed to moan. I started to arch, To move involuntarily ... opened as much as I could the legs and her wet tongue ran all my fajita softly. "It feels good?". "Ahhhhhhh," I groaned, and nodded, begging him to continue. Minerva turned to watch the movie to imitate what the girls did. "What do you know?" I asked. "It tastes delicious," she said with a mischievous look. 

"Can I get you a little finger?" She asked. "No, I'm a virgin, not better," I replied. "You're right, you're not." And she continued with the tongue ... "I want to make you, too," I said. She stopped and climbed on top of me, in what I now know to be a 69. I tried her Conchita for the first time, and the excitement was even greater. 
I felt myself getting wet, and without waiting, I felt a spasm in my little shell and pleasure I had never felt before. I had had my first orgasm. Having Minerva's sex in my mouth helped me stifle the cry of pleasure and not wake the others in the house. 

My little Conchita became very hot, and it started to hurt, so I took Minerva off and made her lie down on the bed. I caressed her breasts and began to suck them as I had seen in the movie. Minerva opened her legs and began to masturbate, but I took her hand and started to use mine. I was soaked, and I could not resist going downstairs and trying on her toys. I put a pillow on her hip and began to pass her tongue where it seemed to me, starting to trace the map of her pleasure, to detect where she shuddered more ... So I was licking him until she began to writhe more and to catch her breath, just as it had happened to me moments before. 

After that, we calmed down, put on our pajamas again, and slept as if nothing. The next morning we went swimming together and ended up playing in the tub. So we continue all summer. Finally, Minerva went to study in the United States, and we distance ourselves definitively. Suddenly I see her dad in the social pages of the magazines, I think every day she gets more handsome, and I remember him naked, as well as the good nights (and days too) that Minerva and I spent that summer. 
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